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Portland, Oregon Animal Removal
We specialize in solving nuisance wildlife problems quickly, permanently and most importantly, professionally. We strive to provide customized safe and humane solutions to our customers' problems, both residential and commercial. Our most common services include: rat extermination, squirrel trapping and exclusion, raccoon and skunk trapping, opossum removal, bat relocation, dead animal removal, and damage repairs/exclusion work.
raccoon under house
Animal Removal - We perform live wild animal trapping. Most of the time, we trap and remove animals living inside homes and attics (rats and squirrels), but we also trap and remove raccoons, opossums and skunks that get into people's garbage, compost, sheds, pet food, under the porch, or make their home somewhere else on your property.

Wildlife Relocation - After trapping, we pick up our catches and drive them to an Oregon Dept. Fish and Game approved release location and wave them goodbye and wish them well in their new stomping ground. Occasionally, it is necessary to humanely euthanize the caught critter.

Dead Animal Removal - Sometimes animals die in the wall or attic of a home and begin to decay, creating a foul odor which bothers inhabitants. A dead animal will attract flies which will often irritate a homeowner nearly as much as the dead animal smell in the house. We are experienced at locating and removing the source. As part of our dead animal service, we will clean up residue and spray the area with an odor eliminator.

Repairs - In some cases, a rat chewed a hole or a squirrel has gnawed an entry point in a house. The only way to permanently solve the problem is to seal up the entry points so that other critters won't enter. We use materials that can't be penetrated by a rat or squirrel's chewing. All of our repairs are of the highest quality and fully guaranteed against animal re-entry.

Attic Decontamination - Unlike humans, most animals in the home are careless about their urine and droppings. They "go" wherever they go and believe us, they can leave quite a mess! Animals can contaminate the areas they live in with feces, urine, pheromones, nesting material, parasites, diseases and other biohazardous waste. We provide a decontamination service in which we clean up droppings and materials left by the animals and then we spray the area with a disinfecting agent.
Signs of Wildlife Activity
There may be an animal in your attic or an animal in the wall if...
  • you hear gnawing
  • you hear scratching, thumping, scampering, rustling, fighting
  • you hear chirping, growling, shrieking, chattering overhead
  • you see a hole in the siding, vent, roof, soffit, tile, or elsewhere on the exterior
  • you see an animal use a hole or gap in the exterior of the home
  • there is insulation or building material sticking out of a hole or on the ground near a hole in the building
  • you smell something that isn't "right" and it is getting worse!
Areas Served
We serve all of greater Portland, Oregon. The counties that we provide pest control to regularly are Columbia County, Oregon; Washington County, Oregon; Yamhill County, Oregon; Marion County, Oregon; Multnomah County, Oregon; Clackamas County, Oregon; and Hood River County, Oregon.

The communities that we provide animal control include (and are not limited to): Beaverton, OR; Canby, OR; Clackamas, OR; Corbett, OR; Damascus, OR; Durham, OR; Estacada, OR; Fairview, OR; Forest Grove, OR; Happy Valley, OR; Gladstone, OR; Gresham, OR; Hillsboro, OR; Johnson City, OR; King City, OR; Lake Oswego, OR; Maywood Park, OR; Milwaukie, OR; Mt. Angel, OR; Newberg, OR; Oregon City, OR; Portland, OR; Rivergrove, OR; Sandy, OR; Scappoose, OR; Sherwood, OR; Silverton, OR; Tigard, OR; Troutdale, OR; Tualatin, OR; West Linn, OR; Wilsonville, OR; Wood Village, OR;
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