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Skunks are best known for their black and white coloring and pungent self-defence spray. Mostly nocturnal, skunks come out in the early evening to begin their search for food. Skunks eat whatever is available: insects, grubs, berries, grains, eggs, small mammals, garbage, trash, compost – they eat it all! They will use their front claws to dig for food and to create dens for themselves (when a crawl-space is unavailable).

There are two glands near a skunk's anus that produces the yellowish oil they use to deter predators. The glands store butylmercaptan, the smelly substance in spray. If a large dose is delivered to the face, especially eyes and nose, it will burn and will cause tearing, nausea and perhaps even vomiting. There are quite a few home remedies for removal of skunk spray. A combination of 1 qt Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 c. Baking Soda, and 1 tsp. liquid detergent will help do the trick. Peroxide and Baking Soda will change the active chemicals (thiols) of the oil to compounds that have little to no smell. Tomato juice does not do this. Keep the Peroxide out of eyes and beware that it may change the color of hair.

The most obvious problem with having a skunk around is the smell. Another risk is that skunks are one of the major vectors of rabies; they are known to commonly carry this disease.

We provide professional humane skunk control, removal, relocation, and exclusion services, as well as cleaning and decontamination services.
Striped Skunk - This species of skunk can grow to be as big as a house cat (20 inches in body length and weight about eight pounds). They got their name because of the white stripes that run down their spine. When necessary, the striped skunk will face an intruder with both its head and anus with its tail up. It will take aim and release the butylmercaptan laden liquid up to 20 feet.

Western Spotted Skunk - The smaller of the pair, spotted skunks only grow to be about 15 inches in body length and weigh up to two pounds. They have broken stripes down their spine and other white markings on their sides. These patterns vary from skunk to skunk. To spray, spotted skunks will perform a handstand and arch it's back to point their tail in the direction in which they are being threatened and let loose the awful liquid.
Common Skunk Problems:
  • A skunk is living under the home, in the crawlspace.
  • A skunk is living under or in the shed.
  • A skunk is living under the porch or deck.
  • There is a skunk trapped in the window well.
  • A skunk sprayed the dog.
  • A Skunk sprayed me! :*(
  • A skunk is digging in the garden or yard.
  • A skunk is getting into the chicken pen, eating the hens and eggs.
  • A skunk is getting into the garbage or compost bin.
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