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We strive to provide lasting, humane solutions to problems with wildlife.
Animal Trapping / Animal Removal - Some Human/Animal conflicts necessitate the trapping of the nuisance animal to stop it from causing damage, noise, or creating a biohazardous environment (attics, walls, crawl spaces, etc.). Only the problem animal is targeted. We use special baits to avoid catching pets and other non-target animals. Because we care about the animals, we use humane live traps so that we can relocate the animals to appropriate release sites. The animal control techniques we use are proven to be effective and humane. Noises in attic – one of the most common problems we solve.

Dead Animal Removal - Sometimes an animal is dead in the attic or wall and it smells something fierce. We've removed dead animals from homes that were vacated, places of business in which employees refused to return until the stink went away, and even from thick shrubbery that the homeowner couldn't access. After the animal has been bagged, we use a special cleaner with odor-encapsulating technology to clean up any residue. After the animal has been found and removed, we will make necessary repairs to the building so that these incidents do not recur!

Exclusion / Damage Repairs - We can make it impossible for other animals to enter the home or crawlspace after the animals have been captured and removed. We use strong, true and tested equipment and techniques to ensure that when the problem is solved, it stays that way. Rats and squirrels like to gnaw and make their entry ways bigger. We close them up airtight. Raccoons will rip open vents and eaves. We patch and secure them. Animals living under the porch? We can catch and remove this problem critter and then install a barrier that will prevent others from taking up residence next week.

Decontamination / Cleanup - After an infestation of rats or a family of raccoons has left the attic, it's important to clean up after the unwanted guests. Droppings, urine and pheromones, fur and hairballs, germs and molds, these are things that one (or a family) should not have lingering, inches away. We remove all that we can and then use an enzyme based deodorizing cleaner that breaks down organic matter and stops scents that may attract other animals.

24/7 Emergency Service - It's never too late or early to call. We would like to assist you in your state of emergency. Please stay calm and speak clearly so that we can help. It's been known to have an animal get loose in the home (bats, squirrels, even raccoons and other species). In other incidents, people are extremely terrified of an animal that is in their yard or on the porch. We will respond to the emergency as quickly as possible.
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