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rat in wall
Rat in a wall
Rats like to make their homes near humans, living in the attics, walls and basements of people's houses. Mostly nocturnal, they may not be seen, but we know they're around by the droppings they leave behind and the chewing and scratching noises they make.

A rat's diet varies depending on what is available. They'll munch on grains, insects, carrion, table scraps found in trash cans and dumpsters, cupboards and closets.

Rats are known to carry diseases that can be spread to humans. They're dirty, spread germs, and damage wiring, wood, plaster, pipes, etc. A rat's set of teeth don't stop growing, so they must chew frequently to prevent them from getting too long. They're oblivious to the value of your home and don't particularly care if you sleep at night...

We provide professional rat control, removal, extermination, and exclusion services, as well as cleaning and decontamination services. We have experience working with a variety of rat control techniques, including rat trapping, exclusions, and in some instances rat poison.
Species found near Portland, Oregon
Norway Rat - The larger of the two, Norway rats can grow to be about 10 inches of head and body length plus another 8 inches of tail. They may weigh as much as a full pound when they're full grown. Norway rats are light brown with a little yellow or grey on their backs and lighter color on their undersides. Most often found at ground level, but they are nimble climbers.

Roof Rat - The less common rat on the west coast. These rats have tails that are about the same length as their body. About ten inches of head and body and another nine inches of tail, an adult may weigh 12 ounces. Roof rats inhabit trees, attics and roofs of buildings and rarely touch the ground, using electrical wires as their highways system.
Common Rat Problems:
  • Rats living in the attic, wall or basement.
  • Rats chewing in the wall or in the attic.
  • A rat is getting into the cupboard or pantry.
  • A dead rat is stinking up the house – it may smell for 3 weeks if it's not removed.
  • Rat droppings found in closet or storage space.
  • Rat! OMG! I just saw a rat!
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